Botpots Studio Terms & Conditions

Enrolment & Refund Policies

  1. Tuition fees are all to be fully paid upon booking of class.
  2. There are no refunds or catch up classes for unattended or missed classes.
  3. No refunds to any cancellation of bookings.
  4. Classes and tuition fees cannot be shared with anybody else.
  5. Clay, tools and firing costs are not included in tuition fees unless stated on the description.
  6. Botpots Studio has the rights to cancel any classes and workshops if the enrollment is insufficient. In this case, we will issue a refund of tuition fee.
  7. Botpots Studio has the rights to change the tutors stated for classes at any time. However we will do our best to notify everybody ahead about the change.
  8. Botpots will give a 50% refund if you made a cancellation two weeks before class commence.
  9. No refund will be issued if you made a cancellation within 2 weeks of class starting.

Firing Terms & Conditions

  1. Botpots is not liable for any damages that occur during the firing process.
  2. Firing (bisque & glaze) is not included in class fees unless stated on class description.
  3. Prices for firing please refer to the price chart or consult with our staff.
  4. Pieces for firing are to be checked off with staff and final prices may vary from price chart due to weight of the piece.

Studio Policies

  1. No touching or modifying another student’s work in the studio. We are to respect one another’s artworks.
  2. Fired pieces will be ready to collect 2-3 weeks after the completion of the last class of your course.
  3. Botpots Studio will store your fired works for up to one month’s time. After one month, we will discard all the work.
  4. Botpots Studio is not liable for any breakage or damage to your own artworks.
  5. No running inside the studio at all times. Please be aware of your surroundings as studio space is limited.
  6. Please do not bring food into the studio. All drinks or liquid has to have a closed lid.

(For venue hire, please contact staff about bringing food and drinks)

  1. No pets are allowed into the studio due to health and safety reasons.
  2. Your station (table or wheel) must be wiped down and cleaned after use in order for the next person to use it.
  3. Closed footwear must be worn inside the studio and during classes. Botpots Studio is not liable for any accidents that occur.
  4. Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting a bit dirty in and we do encourage the use of aprons. We sell disposable aprons in our shop. Botpots Studio is not liable for laundry complications.
  5. There are no lockers and storage provided in Botpots. Please don’t leave your belongings at the studio, consequences will be at your own risks.
  6. There will be an open area to store your belongings only for the period of your class. Botpots Studio is not liable for any stolen properties. We advise everybody to best leave their belongings in their vehicles and only bring themselves, clay & tools and essentials.

(Public transport wise, please contact our staff prior to your class to arrange a solution storage)