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About Botpots Studio

Looking for a great way to have fun and enjoy while you do pottery? Botpots is the answer for you….
You don’t need to be a pottery expert to learn how to be a pottery maker and take it to the next level?
At Botpots, we want to let you know that pottery making is not all about creating functional pots, but allowing the imaginations, creativity, and inspiration to make you a successful professional.
Our core pottery classes are:
  • The Beginners pottery wheel class
  • Hand Building Foundation class
  • Hand Building dinnerware class
  • Social pottery with wine for Friday evening
  • Hosting special events for corporate team building, birthday parties and hens night
  • Rent Studio space per hour
  • Firing service and more


Thursday evening 6:00pm - 9:00pm (4 weeks duration)

Saturday afternoon 1.30pm - 3.30pm (4 weeks duration)

Course fee: $240 (tools, clay and firing included)

Class capacity: 8

Description: The four weeks beginner pottery wheel course is a fun introduction course perfect for those who have never tried throwing on the pottery wheels. You will be working in a small class closely with our tutors for a personalized experience, getting all the help and tips you need! The objectives for this course is to learn how to center on the wheel and how to make basic forms such as cylinders and bowls. You will choose your top two pieces to be trimmed and bisque fired and also learn how to apply glaze to finish off your pieces. Your work will then be fired, available to collect 2-3 weeks after the final class.

*Extra pieces you've made and would like to fire, firing costs will be paid separately.

Monday morning 10am – 12:30pm (5 weeks duration)

Course fee: $240 (Clay need to be purchased from Botpots, Basic Tools provided)

Class capacity: 8

Description: This hand-building course explores all the basics methods of hand-building. You will learn through trying the various hand building methods as well as being assisted in following your own creative vision. You will also learn how to decorate and glaze your work.

Any one piece firing included no bigger than 100mm x 200mm high. Anything bigger will be charged extra.
Your pieces will be available to collect 2-3 weeks after finishing the final class.

Saturday morning 10am – 12:30pm (3 weeks duration)

Class cost: $250 (Clay to be purchased from Botpots, tools and firing included)

Class capacity: 8

Description: This is a beginner to intermediate level hand-building class focused on creating four plates and four bowls under to guidance of our tutor. During the three weeks you will create our hand built pieces starting from a slab of clay. You will also decorate your pieces with a range of different techniques and finally glaze them ready for the last firing.

Pieces you will make in the class: 4 Plates, 4 Bowls.
Your pieces will be available to collect 2-3 weeks after the last class.

Friday evening 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Off-one 3 hrs)

Course fee: $80 (Clay, shared tools and a glass of bubbles or wine included)

Class capacity: 10

Description: Come along with your friends into Botpots for a different type of Friday night! Where you can relax, hand build your own ceramic pieces or try out the pottery wheel while enjoying a glass of bubbles or wine. 

Your selected two pieces will be fired and glazed by us and they will be available to collect after 2-3 weeks time. 

Any additional pieces that you've made and would like to keep, the firing costs for those pieces will be paid separately.

It's your special day why not try something new with your families and friends?

  1. Birthday Party
  2. Hens Night
  3. Corporate Team Building Workshops

Please contact us on 09-2712626 or email us.



    North Botpots Pottery Instructor


    North is a pottery artist and tutor with a background in Fine Arts. Whilst using traditional throwing techniques, her interest lies in exploring pottery as an art form beyond domestic ware, emphasizing a more sculptural entity in her personal practice. Clay can enable creative freedom in anyone who shapes it. Join North in one of her classes to explore how pottery can become a tool for personal expression.

    Bob Kay

    Bob Kay Botpots Pottery Instructor


    Bob Kay is influenced by everything he sees; from water meter covers to natural forms and patterns. The primary medium through which Bob has chosen to express his creativity is clay; which he loves to use. His enjoyment of food and cooking has led to him making tableware for restaurants and cafés. Bob enjoys the unique nature of hand built pottery. Every piece, although similar to others, has its own individual character.