The Shino Family is our most popular series of Glazes. A Rare combination of beauty and reliability, these 18 colors provide unique finishes for any cone six ware, weather used alone or with other Coyote glazes. These glazes break to brown where thin, creating a wonderfully varied effect on textured surfaces.
Shino glazes can be used in combination with other glaze families to create a wide range of special effects. Combining with the Gloss series alone provides possibility for over 700 Shino combinations, but they also work well with the Archie’s series, the Satins, & several other glazes. Simply layering a Shino under or over almost any Coyote glaze produces a unique pattern certain to leave a lasting impression.
Glazes from this series should be kept warm. When stored below 18dec C, crystals may form in the glazes. These crystals can be melted and added back to the glaze.
The reliability of Coyote Shino glazes means they are ideal for high-volume or novice potters with limited time or space for testing, while their versatility makes them at home in any studio.