Slab Rollers allow for quick and efficient production of clay slabs used in handbuilding and sculpting, and as additions to wheel-thrown forms. Clay slab rollers are essentially industrial-sized rolling pins – however, the benefits of using a slab roller over are a rolling pin are numerous. One of the main reasons that artists use clay slab rollers is for the even, consistent slabs they can create very quickly. These slabs are ideal for making tiles, using with slump and hump molds, and for creating other handbuilt ceramic wares. Slab rollers can also roll out very large amounts of clay, which would otherwise be tedious or impossible with an handheld rolling pin. Additionally, clay slab rollers are designed such that back pain or strain, which often accompanies rolling slabs by hand, can be avoided. Slab rollers are available in large, stand-alone floor models and in tabletop versions.