What is the Giffin Grip®?

The Giffin Grip® is a trimming tool that quickly centers and holds pots for trimming on the potter’s wheel. It takes the most frustrating step out of the process, and makes trimming fun! We’ve been holding pots on center since 1978.

Once you’ve tried a Giffin Grip you’ll never want to trim your pots without it!  The Giffin Grip solves this problem with its soft grip adjustable handles that have already been centered for you. Each Giffin Grip comes with a variety set of handles and rods measuring at different lengths. Simply swap out the long handles for shorter ones when it’s time to trim mugs or small bowls. The Giffin Grip is a real time saving pottery tool- once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back to your old ways of trimming again.