The Archie’s series of glazes are a set of eight amazing colors designed to create dynamic and spectacular effects in cone 5-6 firings. Inspired by the look of reduction glazes but developed for an electric kiln, Archie’s glazes will often produce multiple colors of finishes even with a single application.
Combining the Archie’s colors with other Coyote glazes unleashes their potential even further! The interaction of Archie’s series glazes with other families allow for dramatic special effects; they can radically change colors when used with other glazes and their activity creates phenomenal patters.
Archie’s glazes may not fir some clay bodies, and can be runny when they are applied thickly. if you are overlapping, only double dip (or brush) the upper 2/3 of the piece. Although they require more care and testing than other Coyote glazes, the Archie’s series are in invaluable tool to any pottery who wants a glaze that takes advantage of the ease of electric firing, but is exciting to look at.